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The Best Free Paraphrasing Tool & Text Rewriter


In simple terms, paraphrasing is using your own words to describe someone else’s ideas or thoughts. With so much content freely available on the internet, paraphrasing has become quite a common practice. Website operators, students, and researchers frequently resort to paraphrasing. E-commerce website operators try to gain an edge by paraphrasing a generic product description. A website operator who has top quality pages on a website and wants to start a second website that contains similar content will resort to rephrasing.

Learners who want to show that they have understood the content and, rather than quoting the original author’s work, they describe it in their own words. Researchers do paraphrasing to show that they have fully grasped the subject and have explained it in their own words.

Paraphrasing has become such a common requirement for most people who are involved in writing. Hence, this growing requirement has seen a tremendous proliferation of websites that offer free paraphrase tools. 

But before you decide to try your hands at using a free paraphrase tool, you must understand the basic techniques of paraphrasing. Too little paraphrasing will be caught by a plagiarism checker, and too much paraphrasing might lead to the loss of the original idea.


Paraphrasing Techniques

Before you use a free paraphrase tool, you must know the basic techniques of paraphrasing.

  •         If less than 50 percent of words have been replaced with synonyms, plagiarism would be detected.
  •         Synonyms must have the same meaning as the original word.
  •         Rearrange sentences where required.

There are other paraphrasing techniques too, but those require human intervention like changing the voice from passive to active or changing the structure of the sentences.


Common Faults of Free Article Rewriter Tools

Selecting the right paraphrasing and rewriter tool requires research. You can’t just do a Google search and pick the first one that you think will do a good job. Even if you do that, you must check the paraphrased content. Don’t be surprised if you find it has done a bad job.

Generally, the majority of free paraphrase tools that you come across on the internet just replace words with synonyms, and most of them only change 20 to 40 percent of the words, and above all, they use the wrong synonym.

Replacing words with the correct synonyms is not an easy task. Each word has a number of meanings, and the art lies in selecting the correct synonyms that have the exact same meaning in the context of the sentence. For example, ‘the industry is flourishing,’ now there are four synonyms for flourishing; mushrooming, luxuriant, thriving and growing. If you use ‘growing’ or ‘thriving,’ these words fits well in the context. However, mushrooming and luxuriant would convey the wrong meaning.

Rearranging sentences is not the forte of article rewriter and paraphrase tools. This is something that you will have to do yourself. Don’t ever blindly accept a paraphrased article that has been done by a paraphrasing tool and passed through a plagiarism checker. There might be subtle mistakes in it. You must read the paraphrased article before submitting it.


Selecting the Best Paraphrasing and Article Rewriter Tool

Now let’s look at how to make the right choice when using an article rewriter or paraphrase tool. First, use a paraphrasing tool that has a sentence rephraser. It should rephrase each sentence. Copy/paste a paragraph in the paraphrasing tool and check the rephrased paragraph. If it has done a good job and correctly done a sentence rephrase – move on to the next paragraph. If it has not done a good job, drop it, and test another paraphrase tool.

A top quality paraphrasing tool should do the paraphrasing and highlight the words it has changed. It should allow you to replace words that it has replaced. It should show you a list of synonyms and permit you to select a word from it or write your own words. It should disallow you to download the rephrased article without running a plagiarism check.

Remember, even the best article rewriter will not rearrange sentences or change the voice, like from passive to active. It’s a tool developed on some specific algorithms that are doing the rephrasing and not a person. Therefore, you must accept it with its shortcomings. If it does a good rephrasing job and does not get red-flagged in a plagiarism checker, accept it.

You must carefully check the rephrased content and make sure that the original idea or thought has not been lost in the rephrasing. After all, that’s what you are aiming for it to do. Even the best free rephrasing and article rewriting tools require human intervention. Thus, don’t rush it and carefully read the original article and take notes. Make sure you jot down the main points. Now you can check the rewritten article. If you think it has done a good job, submit it.


Final Thoughts – Best Paraphrasing Tool

You can find one of the best paraphrase tools at  Open it in a new tab and submit your article in it. Once it has done the rephrasing, check the words it has changed. You can accept them, reject them, select another word, or use your own words. After doing the proofreading, it will force you to run the plagiarism checker. Once done, you can copy/paste the rephrased article and use it confidently.


Daniel Reed

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