SpaceX Dragon goes back to earth after conveying supplies of NASA to Space Station

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The SpaceX Dragon space ship goes back to earth on 7 January after a journey of seven months in delivering supplies of NASA to the International Space Center. 

Space travelers on space station released Dragon CRS-19 space ship into space with the robotic arm of the outpost, wishing space journey masses to a space ship that conveyed over 5,700 lbs. (2,585kilograms) of NASA’s supplies last month. The dragon left the station at around 5:05 a.m. EST (1005 GMT) and went down in the Pacific Ocean at around 10:41 a.m. EST (1541 GMT). In a tweet, after five minutes of splashdown, SpaceX established the active return of the Dragon.

Luca Parmitano, who is a European Space Agency space traveler and leader of the current Expedition members of the crew, appreciated as he said that it is with much respect and incredible chance to be part of the Dragon crew and carry out operations together, especially for the catch and release. Having the Dragon, Luca said that the team should have in mind that a few of their lives and viable skills are always sent to space during any given mission. 

During the departure of the Dragon, the military exercises of the space ship near the station seemed to have posed some effects to solar displays of another business cargo ship known as ‘Cygnus-12 space ship developed by Northrop Grumman. 

As the Dragon left the station, Luca Parmitano told Mission Control that he noted as the jets were lighting up for the departure phase two; the explosion from engines was shaking solar panels of with mighty Cygnus-12.

Cygnus-12 landed at the station in the month of November as well as parked at the Earth-facing port of the station-non Unity node as Dragon connected to an earth-facing port on the Harmony node. Destiny module, which appears in the shape of a bus, separates the two nodes.

Dan Huot, who works at Johnson Space Center, said that teams from the earth are speculating the Cygnus-12 space ship since the team docked it at the space station since November. Experts require examining if it is still well. At any given time, the experts perform their examinations as they analyzed the vehicles, which come and leave the International Space Station. The team of professional experts will go ahead with the process of examining to ensure there are zero effects to the Cygnus-12. 

Daniel Reed

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