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Cosmetic Dyes Market: Synthetic and Natural Dyes for Various Cosmetic Products

  • Cosmetic dyes are a type of cosmetic additive that imparts color to various cosmetic products such as hair oil, lotions, lipsticks, nail enamels, soaps, and eye colors
  • Cosmetic dyes exist in two forms: natural and synthetic. Synthetic cosmetic dyes are widely utilized across all cosmetic applications. Synthetic cosmetic dyes exhibit better stability properties and impart more intense color. Moreover, manufacturing cost of synthetic cosmetic dyes is lower than that of natural cosmetic dyes. However, demand for natural cosmetic dyes expected to grow at a higher pace, as they are less harmful to the skin.
  • Majority of cosmetic dyes available in the market are ether oil-based, water-based, and solvent-based. Solvent-based cosmetic dyes are employed in nail enamels and skin toners applications, while oil- and water-based cosmetic dyes are used in cosmetic products such as lotions, hair oil, and lipsticks.

Key drivers of cosmetic dyes market

  • Increasing use of cosmetic dyes in toiletries, skin care, and hair care products is driving the global cosmetic dyes market
  • Increasing preference for hair color, such as permanent or temporary, is expected to raise the demand for cosmetic dyes during the forecast period. Additionally, rising research activities in the field of demi-permanent hair color with no ammonia formulation expected to fuel the demand for cosmetic dyes during the forecast period.
  • Rising awareness about the quality of facial cosmetic products such as wrinkle treatment and premium lotions, among the young as well as geriatric population is another factor boosting the global cosmetic dyes market 

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Continuous advertisement of beauty products through online retailing to offer attractive opportunities

  • Consistent rise in online marketing of beauty products, advertisement of products through social media, and rising appetite for premium beauty products are expected to offer lucrative opportunities to manufacturers of cosmetic dyes.
  • Increasing importance of natural ingredients in cosmetic products, typically in developed economies, such as those in North America and Western Europe, is likely to boost the demand for organic and herbal products. This, in turn, is likely to offer significant opportunity to manufacturers of natural cosmetic dyes.

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