Magneto Resistive RAM (MRAM) Market | Global Industry Research Report and Forecast To 2024

Press Release

The overarching need for data storage across multiple industries has played an integral role in the growth of the global magneto resistive RAM market. The advent of big data, and other similar technologies, has necessitates the presence of high-end hardware technologies for data storage. Random access memory (RAM) of different forms and configuration is used across multiple platforms. The supremacy of magneto resistive RAM over other types of storage platforms is a key consideration while gauging market growth.

Several scientists assert that the utility of magneto resistive RAM has largely been underestimated. As the technology gains recognition, it is projected to supplant the popularity of all other modes of data storage in the years to come. Furthermore, proponents of this technology also argue that magneto resistive RAM could become a universal memory storage platform in the years to come. Henceforth, it is safe to believe that the corresponding market would gather fresh revenues in the years to follow.

The supremacy of magneto resistive RAM over electrical RAM has transcended as a key driver of demand within the global market. Furthermore, the non-volatile nature of magneto resistive RAM has also given a thrust to market demand. The fading popularity of electrical memory, and the need for large-scale integrated circuits for memory storage, has brought magneto resistive RAM under the spotlight of attention.

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Transparency Market Research (TMR) predicts that the global magneto resistive RAM market would expand at a commendable CAGR of 44.10% over the forecast period between 2016 and 2024. Furthermore, the total value of the magneto resistive RAM market is expected to touch a value of US$869.7 mn by 2024. Low-power consumption requirements for magneto resistive RAM, as against electrical RAM, has driven market demand.

Application of Magneto Resistive RAM in Multiple Industries

The demand within the global magneto resistive RAM market is rising at the back of advancements in the consumer electronics industry. Several popular electronic devices, including laptops and smart phones, could be using magnetic-field-based memory. Furthermore, the need to eliminate the cons of excessive electricity consumption has also compelled manufacturers to replace electrical RAM with magneto resistive RAM.

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