Common Tips To Improve Student Writing

If an essay test were given to a group of students, the quality of their performances would vary. This is because some students do not know how to write well. Worse still, they find learning how to write better a big task to them. 

However, students must know that writing is an important skill needed to master any discipline. Therefore it is the responsibility of all stakeholders, including their faculty, lecturers, and guardians, to help students improve their writing skills.

Write my paper experts prepared paragraphs below would provide you with efficient ways to improve the writing skills of students. 

#1. Show your students that you appreciate good writing.

Whether you are an English teacher or just an educational instructor, you must let your students understand the fact that coherent and meaningful writing is vital. Let students know that good writing would attract more marks, while bad writing would not be tolerated. Setting such high standards for students would motivate them to improve their writing skills.

Meanwhile, it should be stated clearly in the syllabus that students are expected to put their ideas and thoughts on papers coherently. Aside from that, make sure you follow any instructions given to students to improve their writing skills with actions. This would show that you mean business, and make your students take their essay writing more seriously. 

#2. Ensure to assign short writing tasks during classes.

Set aside a few minutes for students to write during your class to alter the pace of the lecture. These short writing exercises allow students to practice and develop their writing skills.

#3. Guide your students throughout the writing process.

When you assign essay writing as a homework or class task to students, ensure to provide guidance during the process. You should do this by taking out time to explain to students how to do research on a given topic, why to avoid plagiarism and offering tips on how to improve their draft. Ensure to let them know you are always open to guide them whenever they are stuck with their writing assignments. 

#4. Don’t create the impression to grade every piece of your students’ writing.

Even though good writing would be rewarded, but then students should not be given the impression that every piece of their writing would be evaluated and graded. This can put them under pressure which is not good for learning how to write.

Instead, you should encourage students to form small groups and read each other’s work. Also, they can analyse, critique and edit the work of their peers. That way, they will be more focused on improving their writing skills than writing to be graded. 

#5. Show them that writing requires hard work.

Establish a rapport with your class by sharing similar problems you encountered when dealing with difficult topics. Make they see that you succeeded in improving your writing because you put in a lot of effort. Hence they must understand that the challenges they face would only help to improve their writing skills. 

#6. Encourage students to talk about their writing.

Encourage students to exchange ideas more about their work so they can formulate their thoughts, develop ideas, and improve on their style. Students will learn faster from this kind of interactions with their colleagues than anything else. 

#7. Stress the need to edit and proofread of writing before submission 

Encourage students to revise over their work severally, and also submit their drafts for review. They must know that editing and proofreading of their writing is the difference between an excellent essay and a mediocre essay. 

#8. Emphasise the importance of clarity and delivery in writing. 

Let students know that using big words or jargon does more harm than good in writing generally. This is because your readers would find your writing ambiguous, incoherent and difficult to read. Encourage them to express their ideas or thoughts on papers in a clear and specific manner. This will not only help to clarify their points to the readers but also ensure excellent delivery. 

In summary, all the points explained in this article will not only help students improve their writing, but other individuals can find it useful to develop their writing style.


Daniel Reed

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